Safety-Tempered Glass

Shatter-Resistant Window and Door Protection

Also known as “safety glass,” tempered glass is a simple solution for those who want glass with shatter-resistant strength and extra protection for large windows and glass doors.

a safer and stronger option

Safety glass is tempered when heated and cooled at different rates, ultimately resulting in up to five times more strength than traditional glass. This extra strength also provides a near shatter-resistant texture that eliminates the dangers of glass shards and instead breaks into square pieces – only when in contact with sharp objects.


Bonus – tempered-safety glass is also reliable enough to withstand severe weather and prevent cracking.

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Our Recommendation

Safety-tempered glass is ideal for doors or areas surrounding doors that need extra protection. With traditional windows and glass paneling, slamming doors can result in glass shards all over your floor. With tempered glass, you are gaining additional protection that is resistant to excess pressure outside of contact with sharp objects. Tempered glass is also recommended for windows near pools or other wet areas and staircases, where tripping is frequent.


If you want to upgrade your window replacement from the standard single or double pane window, opt for our safety-tempered glass to protect and secure your home while increasing your resale value.